Sport at Backward Point, Knysna


    The Oval is the home of the Sport School and a field on which we play cricket in summer and hockey in winter. The Oval was established in 1995. A two-year project turned a sawdust dump into the field that it is today.

    The project of building a Clubhouse followed some years later and was achieved with the help of generous support from a number of individuals and businesses.

    We hope that those who have been drawn to play here will enjoy the experience.

    This field is situated in town on Waterfront Drive near the waterfront and is kindly made available to us for our events depending on the schools’ own needs and other activities.

    The square was built way back in the mid-90's. Flooding of this field by the equinox tides results in occasional damage to the wicket by the salt water.

    This is own creation in an attempt to provide fields for our own use and we are hoping that it will be a popular venue for cricket, hockey, soccer and cycling outings.

    Built on a farm pasture, the field has a character of its own and is situated alongside the historic village shop ‘Totties’, which is in turn part of the P.J. van Reenen Timber Producing and Milling enterprise.

    Rheenendal is 25 minutes drive from Knysna and in close proximity to our renowned Millwood Goldfields and Forest. The area is fast becoming a tourist friendly region and attracts many visitors at all times of the year. It is here that Dalene Matthee found inspiration for famous book ‘Circles in the Forest’. We hope that you will enjoy the ‘village-cricket’ atmosphere that you should find at Abbottsfield. PLEASE NOTE: One of the underpinning arrangements in our lease agreement is that we will support this family enterprise and we encourage you to plan accordingly and make use of the popular Totties Restaurant that they have available adjacent to the field.

    This venue is about 20 min from Knysna and it is great to have this modest turf wicket and small field available to us. We have very recently built the wicket for the Sedgefield Primary School and will probably make use of a mat for these festivals. You will find the field on the left as you come into town from Knysna. Sedgefield is a charming village and supporters will find all amenities within a stone’s throw of the field.

    Plett Primary kindly make their concrete strip available to us for our festivals which is especially useful for rainy times. The school is on the right as you pass Plett at the turnoff to the shopping Mall. The Mall across the road from the school offers all that supporters would need.

    This charming High School makes a great impression on all who visit and it is no mean feat that they achieve so much given the size of the Hamlet of Wittedrift.

    The School is set in an ideal country scene and provides a host of sports for its learners. They have well-developed facilities and it is always a pleasure to visit them.
VENUETravel Time from townWicketNetsClub-HouseTuck-shopChange RoomsToiletsCovers
KSS Oval10 minTurfClosedYesYesYesYesYes
Knysna High School5 minTurfYesClosedShop nearbyYesYesYes
Abbottsfield A, B & C Rheenendal30 minTurfNoNoShopNoYesYes
Sedgefield20 minTurfNoNoIn villageNoIn schoolYes
Plett Primary30 minTurfYesNoShops NearbyYesYesYes
Wittedrift School30 minTurfYesNoNoYesYesYes
Oakhill Sports Campus15 minTurfNoYesYesYesYesYes

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