Knysna Village Cricket Festival
Sport at Backward Point, Knysna

Knysna Village Cricket Festival 2020

The Knysna Village Cricket Festival is the latest addition to our annual program of Sports Festivals and activities, held under the banner of Sport at Backward Point. The chief objective of this new event is to provide cricket for those no longer interested in mainstream club and league activities.

This invitation to you, to participate in our Village Cricket Festival, comes as a sincere wish to have you visit and enjoy social cricket, played in a serious, but good, old-fashioned sporting spirit.

We hope you will join us!

Please contact us for further info related to dates, pricing and accomodation.

Keith Cretchley

Our thinking is to have just one age category, with the understanding that final fixtures will be determined by the entrants categorizing themselves as either: Competitive, Average or Social.

It is expected that teams will be comprised of players of varying ages.

The only age restriction envisaged is that players should be 45 years and older, however, we do feel that it is important that we be reasonable in this regard with respect to those who might be within a year or so of the above.

We are confident that we can provide up to eight turf wickets for the event and although some might be regarded to be modest “village fields”, some with single-strip turf wickets, we do nevertheless believe that we will not disappoint in this department. This means that we can host a max of 16 teams.

We request that you please complete and return the attached questionnaire as early as possible, as an indication of your interest, so as to facilitate an early assessment. Final confirmation can follow in time.

Hope you will join us!

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